07 February 2011


"If I were asked to choose a film that would justify the existence of Hollywood, I think it would be Rio Bravo": Robin Wood
"If I were asked to choose a critic that would justify the existence of film criticism, it would certainly be Robin Wood": Hollywood

Stuart Ross (on Facebook)

22 August 2011
John Lavery, Jack Layton, Paul Quarrington, Robin Wood, Barbara Caruso — there are people who aren't family but whose deaths are really hard to accept. Just doesn't seem real.

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  1. The thing that impressed me most about Robin Wood, aside from his obviously exceptional intelligence and insight, was his integrity – mainly in the root sense of wholeness: the life and the writing were indivisible – and steadfastness in the face of opposition. The writers I admire most – for example, Tolstoy and Kafka, amongst othyers – share this characteristic, this unrelenting exploration at the deepest levels of – well, of what differs from writer to writer, but in the instances I have invoked, of at the very least how to live a fully human life in a world that appears hostile to such. Leavis, whom Wood admired, also shared this characteristic to the end of his life, but Wood never succumbed to despair (though tempted to), as the late Leavis’s crankiness suggested he did: the substance of his attack against Snow, for example, may have been warranted but the tenor of it was not. And the steadfastness is both a concomitant to and component of the integrity. Such was Robin’s integrity that it remained undimmed to the last.